She who creates herself will become 


Fear Can Hold You Back in life

Fear of

  • The past
  • The future
  • The unknown
  • Destructive patterns
  • Abandonment
  • Rejection
  • Loss
  • Social Situations
  • Relationships

And so much more!

In Unstoppable I can help you not only understand what your fears are but how to release them.

Learn how to become the woman you want to be Free, Confident and Fierce. Ready to take control of yourself, your life and your future 💪

It’s time to stop playing small. It’s time to take action that will literally change your life for good.

I have gained so much more from this course than I thought I would. I now know that I am ME and I can do anything I want to do. I have many roles as a woman but I have learnt I need to look after myself first to be able to fulfil these roles.

I’ve often told friends you need to look after yourself to be able to look after others but never listened to my own advice. If I’ve had a hectic week with work and chauffeuring kids round I need to have a day to slow down, I always called it a lazy day but really it’s a day of looking after me.

I feel more confident since doing this course. Which has pushed me to apply for a job for the first time in 15 years! I can’t wait to see what happens with my new found confidence. Thank you Bridie x x


Unstoppable Testimonial
Unstoppable Testimonial
Unstoppable Testimonial
Unstoppable Testimonial


Every year you find yourself saying things like:-

This year I’m going to get fitter before summer
This year I’m going to make big changes
This year I’m going to make more time for me
This year I’m going to book that dream holiday, buy a new car
This year I’m going to stop letting fear hold me back

Yet you find yourself off track, deflated, and back to old patterns? Tired of repeating the same process every year?

Your Life Can Change

BUT only if you do! If you don’t change how you think about things, you won’t act differently. Even with the best of intentions.

When you invest in yourself. When you understand yourself at a level like never before, you can break those cycles and patterns. And not just for January, but for the rest of the year and beyond!

Following the declutter challenge I wasn’t sure what I needed next, but I knew I wasn’t finished yet.

This was a perfect follow up for me, going into more depth. I have done this through a very stressful time in my life when I have been incredibly overwhelmed and under a wealth of pressure.

The course helped me to see where I could adapt things and literally make my life easier. It worked, and continues to work. I have begun changing thought processes that I never even considered may by impacting me.

I feel better. I am handling the pressures of life better and it feels great x


What’s Involved?

Over 12 weeks you will be coached through 12 sessions.

Starting with understanding what you want for your life and how to achieve it. Removing fear, blocks and barriers. Letting go of limiting beliefs.

Connecting with yourself on a deeper level so you can navigate to where you want to be, more efficiently. Build confidence and Unlock things you didn’t know you had locked.

Find your purpose.


12x 60 – 90 min group coaching sessions in private Facebook group

12x Self awareness tasks

12x guided meditations

Accountability Check ins


PLUS access to over 30 mindset coaching videos

Your Investment is £444


Session 1

Declutter – let go of 2021 – morning and evening detox

Session 2

What is it you REALLY want? – Goals, Visualisation

Session 3

Emotional Intelligence – The power of feelings

Session 4 –

Understanding and Removing Limiting Beliefs – Timeline

Session 5 –

The power of the mind – Conscious & Subconscious – Self Awareness

Session 6 –

Learn to say no – Remove the energy stealers – Value your time

Session 7

Self Love – Confidence Building – Understanding and developing your Confidence – Desire, Sex and Intimacy

Session 8

Feelings and Relationships

Session 9

Stress – Anxiety Management – Structure balance

Session 10 –

Understanding and Overcoming Fear

Session 11 –

How to stay on track and overcome barriers

Session 12 –

Unstoppable YOU

If you’re ready to up level yourself and your life this is the course for you.

And I’m with you all the way

I took part in Bridie’s ‘unstoppable’ course this year and after completing the 10-day challenge. It was really eye opening for me, the pace worked – daily challenges and affirmations were easy to follow and the comradery and support in the group was excellent, even when you doubt yourself there is another woman there to pick you back up and tell you it’s ok. This was a new way of coping for me, to be uplifted by women when we learn from a young age that other women tear each other down.

My view of my self has improved, my self love has increased, and my confidence soared. Don’t get me wrong, I have down times and my confidence waivers – but when I’m up, I’m up!

Thank you so much for the injection of self-belief x


Your Investment £444

Pay in full or pay in 3 instalments


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