Reignite Your Relationship!

reconnect with yourself & your partner

Has the fun, passion and lust disappeared from your relationship?

Does it sometimes feel like you are simply existing and going through the motions?

Are you ready to reconnect with yourself and your partner so you can build the relationship you really want?

This 4 week intensive course will transform how you see your relationship with your partner and YOURSELF.

Tranform Your Relationship!

I know how hard relationships can be and I have learnt some very BIG lessons about relationships (the hard way)

So what would it mean to you if you could………

Stop Fighting
Stop Co-existing
Stop Feeling Invisible
Stop Repeating Conversations
Stop The Blame Game

And fall in lust and love all over again?

How would it feel to experience that “first date” buzz all over again?

Would you love to have more fun injected into your relationship?

What would it give you and your relationship if you could reignite that same passion and desire you had at the very beginning?

What’s Involved?

What we will cover

  • Relationship Assess and Detox.
  • The art of communication.
  • How to rebuild trust and forgive.
  • How to be seen and heard.
  • Create Limitless Lust
  • Indulge in Intimacy.
  • How to grow together.
  • Relationship Maintenance.

What is included:-

  • 3 x 90 min Live Group Coaching Sessions live in a private facebook group. Available to watch live or on replay
  • Reflection tasks
  • Action tasks
  • Private Facebook Group for accountability and contact
  • Relationship SOS EWorkbook (only available within this course package)
  • Q and A session in the final week.


Starting Monday 12th July

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Reignite Your Relationship

  • Payable in 2 monthly instalments of £85
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